Influenced by the nature around us, our hotel offer the ultimate getaway. A world far from everyday life.

A world where modern luxury unfolds beyond expectations. Natural and authentic.

Nestling in the heart of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by towering peaks and verdant valleys, Le Rucher d’Evolène offers an authentic experience to visitors

looking to get away from the usual hive of activity.

The hotel design takes inspiration from the ingenious layout of beehives with its collection of delightful chalets which blend perfectly into their surroundings in the authentic setting of Evolène, a traditional Swiss village in the Val d’Hérens situated at an altitude of 1,300 m.

An exceptional retreat, hidden away from view, offering guests the possibility to combine a relaxing hotel stay with the discovery of a lovingly preserved natural heritage.

Each of the chalets housing the hotel’s twenty-five rooms has been painstakingly restored to its former glory, simply incorporating the discreet modern conveniences required of a top-notch hotel.

During their stay, guests will have a unique insight into the vibrant personalities of the former inhabitants of the chalets which bear their name: Chez Berthe from 1872 or Chez Madeleine dating back to 1634 (inaugurated on July 29) keep the tradition of Swiss hospitality alive, inviting guests on an exceptional journey to experience the art de vivre and culture of Evolène.

"When renovation work has been completed in Summer 2025, there will be

twenty-five suites in all, located in the heart of the village."

During the renovation work, you can book the first completed chalets from our partner: